We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

Earlier this week, I mistakenly wandered off into the rabbit hole of travel-related websites and a few hours later, found myself staring at the final page for a booking confirmation to one country in SEA. At the time I had the enough funds to book myself of that trip, and I was just one click away.

But I didn’t continue. It may be was a panic attack of some sort because I started over thinking what if I won’t be able to come up with funds for that trip even if it’s months away. I stalled by asking some friends that I know have visited these places to ask for suggestions (which I got plenty of, sure!); asked some group of friends if they wanted to come along.. one of them bit the bullet and we had talked for hours that night, both psyching ourselves on our would-be amazing trip.  Continue reading..

An Endless Influence: Tracing Back My OPM Roots with Urbandub

Urbandub from last year during the Jack TV MADFest Event, and the last time I watched them.

April 1: The band posted on their Facebook page the announcement that they are splitting and going their different ways. This left many people confused and unsure whether to take the news seriously because it was April Fool’s day – the day where you take every news bit announcement with a grain of salt.

Towards the end of the day, many people’s speculations turned out to be true, much to their dismay and disappointment. They are, indeed, breaking up. The following day, some major local newspapers have published the news. It does not get any more official and confirmed than a nationwide print.

It’s already April 4 and, there’s still no announcement that they’re playing us all along. Guess that makes it super duper mega official. Continue reading..

5 Things I am Nostalgic About in the Blogging Community

Photo: Pixeldima.com - Header Illustration: Jean Pe

Lately, I noticed a lot of blogs around my network have written their own how-to, guide, tips and tricks for blogging newbies and enthusiasts alike. Not only that, suddenly there’s a sudden “boom” for the blogging community overall, mostly about how to rake in cash and eventually turn your blog into a stable source of income.

Personally, I am on the fence about all of this, but (really) slowly my blog has evolved from being a nonsense blog when it started out, to one that occasionally picks up good opportunities now and then that, I guess you can say, does help me financially (but only sometimes!). Although, at the end of the day, I still feel it doesn’t belong to just one category. If anything, it’s still just a blog. Take that, marketers! Oh wait, that’s hardly interesting enough for them to pick up my blog. Haha! A blog where anything goes, aka just a blog.

With that said, I am the last person you should even ask about tips or how to start. Because…….

I’ve always just had one “advice” about blogging: Self-taught your way through it. Discover and learn things on your own. Make mistakes, it’s okay! You can always start again. Perhaps I’m just too independent when it comes to these things, but I’ve always found better pleasure in accomplishing things on your very own rather than putting that bulk of responsibility to someone else. The internet is overflowing with resources online, all you need is to persevere with… searching.

Note: This is neither a guide nor a how-to, not even a tips on blogging post. The closest this post can identify would be a post revisiting the earlier blogging trends from years ago. Continue reading..

Just Girly Things: Oopsie Moment w/ Makeup

Photo credit: Kaboompics.com

Makeup has always been a strange thing to me. It’s also one of those things that I have a love-hate relationship with. I am also amazed whenever I come across people who are really good with it. The things you can do with all these products! Enhance your looks, completely change your look, be a different person, etc. Much respect for them, too, because I know it doesn’t take a minute to put up everything. Even just the ‘no makeup makeup’ look could take you more than 20 minutes. Personally? I don’t have the time for that. Props to people who take the time to do their makeup!

If not for the reason that I have to use it to look more age-appropriate, occasionally in my case, I wouldn’t use it at all and prefer to be barefaced all the time.

Barefaced AND much better if I were to never get any zits.. how wonderful it would to be barefaced, and just let my skin breathe! :P I don’t care much about eyebags, since in some countries, it’s cool to have ‘em eyebags on your eyes, apparently.

But no, number one – I don’t live in that country where eyebags are a trending must-have; two – I often get breakouts just from the food I eat (maybe I am to blame because I’m anything but a healthy food consumer). So I have to use makeup.. but not always, thankfully.

Remember the age-old saying (I assume it is!) to never ever let your makeup products expire? And the number one rule: Never use expired makeup on your face.

Yeah? Well, as embarrassing as it is to admit.. My oops moment with makeup today is all about it. :lol:

Why I wrote about it? To remind myself of what not to do next time, and so I would be reminded of what happens if I make the same mistake again. Continue reading..