From Me to You: Special Offer on the Lenovo A7000 Smartphone

Lenovo, a brand closely associated with computers, has also branched out to the smartphone industry. Actually, this isn’t news: They’ve been at this for a few years already. Remember when Kobe Bryant was one of their endorsers? He even had a TV commercial and all. Bizarre choice for a personality, in my opinion. But hey, whatever works with the masses. 😛

The tech brand gone a long way since 2011. From tablets, to phones, and smartphones. I hadn’t been paying attention to any of this until I actually saw a Lenovo phone from one of my friends at one party last year. It looked pretty decent and sturdy for a cheap (it was literally a cheap phone, a freebie from another friend’s phone plan lol), entry-level Android smartphone model. Continue reading..

A Quick Midweek Getaway to Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales

Few days after the El Nido trip with my buddies from college, I was out on the road again. This would be my last out of town for this month, and for the entire summer season of this year. I know it’s just two trips, but I feel that it really exhausted me physically. Seems like I’m not a wanderlust at all, huh? I never said I was, though. I just enjoy going out on trips occasionally, that’s all. Continue reading..

One Year Later: Nivea Moisturising Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Lotion

This is going to be a very quick review because I realize that after using another sunblock (not the one I previously posted about), this one really sucks compared to it.

So, yeah. Thought I’d just let everyone know about it.

Previously, I mentioned in my first sunblock review what SPF is all about and how important it is for sunblock products. Some small exchange of opposing ideas about it, too, in the comments section. In the end I guess we all have different understandings of what it is. However, it’s important to always have some kind of sun protection regardless of the SPF value when you’re under the sun.. unless you can bear the sunburn. 😛

As I go along with finding out more about these products since I plan on hopping from one brand to another.. I learn new things, too. Now, I’ll talk a bit about shelf life and expiration of sunblock products.

From ~thorough researching online~, it says that a sunblock’s shelf life is from 1-3 years from purchase, or depends on the date in the bottle. It’s suggested to dispose it if it’s beyond that timeframe as it may not be effective anymore.

The Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50++ PA, as far I know, is one of their variants from the Sun Care line of products. Continue reading..

Better in Real Life Than in Photos: The El Nido, Palawan Experience

Just got back from our annual beach trip, out of town, with my college friends. This year our destination was El Nido, Palawan. That’s after Cebu, Bohol, Boracay (unfortunately I didn’t get to join them). We’re slowly going around the Philippines, y’all! 😆

I only have seen Palawan, or its more popular destination, El Nido, in photos relating to Philippine tourism. I’ve always thought it’s impossible to go there. Well, a few years later, here we are!

It is as good as it is portrayed in photos, or in some videos (be it for a movie, or TV show featuring the place) but one thing is for sure: It is MUCH better seen in real life than in photos.

Not my usual TLDR post, nor it’s going to be as detailed.. but that’s what other serious travel blogs are for. 😉

Before I spoil you with photos that will hopefully convince you to head to a local airline website to book your future trip to this huh-mazing destination…. here’s some fun facts and whatnots from my experience, after the cut!  Continue reading..