Trip Recap: Singapore

So.. Singapore. Where do I even begin with you? You were my final destination in my series of random overseas getaways last year. I had to make ends meet, get in touch with some people, just to make this trip push through. I almost backed out, too, if you knew the whole story. But I’m glad I didn’t.

Coming to Singapore on a solo 5-day trip wasn’t my original plan. I had it planned with a friend, but it didn’t push through. I had already backed out of a trip, I wasn’t about to waste more money. Besides, I’m always game for outside of the country trips. Somehow I trust other countries more than my own when it comes to safety. Continue reading..

Note to Self: 5 Things to Do in HK Next Time

Even though I had a couple of lucky instances to go back and forth Hong Kong last year, I still feel that I did not do everything that I wanted to do. The last time I visited was the longest that I have stayed there. Still, I didn’t manage my time properly and ended up doing a lot of things last minute and still missed out on a lot of fun activities. Really stupid of me to waste that opportunity.

Anyway, just so I won’t forget, and I definitely won’t this time because this post will serve as the obvious in-your-face reminder whenever I see it. Thought I’d make a list here instead of in a journal that I’ll probably stash somewhere and forget about in the next coming months.

In a nutshell, we wanna do more touristy activities (excluding shopping) and minimize spending money unless it’s for food and fees to said touristy places. I made a short list below… Continue reading..

Five Reasons Why Should You Give Cheaper Accommodations a Try

Traveling has become a big deal in the past couple of years. Maybe social media is to blame for it again. On the plus side, tourism is good for any country and it does help widen a person’s interests. However, someone who may be trying this for the first time might be caught in the web of overspending for a trip.

First things first: Plane tickets

For people based in Asia, thanks to budget airlines, it is now possible for everyone to travel around the continent and not be limited to their own country because of expensive plane tickets. Many of these budget airlines throw out seasonal cheap fare promos throughout the year, so it is impossible for you to miss out on these special offers. You just gotta keep a watchful eye.

At this rate, it really helps to have a Facebook account to get the latest updates on promos from their respective pages.

If you are one of those budget travellers, this is the time to assess your expenses. Start with plane tickets. I don’t know any specific techniques but I find myself booking, when I do, for a week-long trip 8 months from now. The fares tend to be cheaper if the range is that far ahead — if it doesn’t land on a peak season. Continue reading..

Washi tapes: What’s the big deal?

Washi Tapes by Anna Esguerra of So Stellar

A couple of weeks ago, while I was doing the usual rounds of reading posts online, I came across a video about Washi tapes. I know they’ve been around for a long time, probably way before the internet made a big deal of it. At first I couldn’t understand why is there a hype about it? It’s just masking tape with designs, why are people going gaga collecting these?

I scoffed at the thought and moved on. Until one night I got bored and decided to browse a related hashtag to it pertaining to online stores selling it on Instagram.. before I know it, I was on my way to paying for my first batch of tapes. Continue reading..

New Year, New Home (Sort of!)

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to start on something that you procrastinated since the last few months of the previous year.

I know that up to now, I still have a lot of backlogs that are yet to be written and published in this blog. I thought to myself that this month, I really should get to it and publish at least 5 of those backlogs.

Great. Now I have a small “to-do” list. Yes, just like that.

Other than backlogs, there are certain web projects that I need to start on. Promise I’ll be productive this month — and I’m not just saying that!

I already started with sorting out my domain. This domain in particular. Baby steps, as they say.

Without further ado, let me announce that you may now access my domain through starting today! Continue reading..