Just Girly Things: Oopsie Moment w/ Makeup

Photo credit: Kaboompics.com

Makeup has always been a strange thing to me. It’s also one of those things that I have a love-hate relationship with. I am also amazed whenever I come across people who are really good with it. The things you can do with all these products! Enhance your looks, completely change your look, be a different person, etc. Much respect for them, too, because I know it doesn’t take a minute to put up everything. Even just the ‘no makeup makeup’ look could take you more than 20 minutes. Personally? I don’t have the time for that. Props to people who take the time to do their makeup!

If not for the reason that I have to use it to look more age-appropriate, occasionally in my case, I wouldn’t use it at all and prefer to be barefaced all the time.

Barefaced AND much better if I were to never get any zits.. how wonderful it would to be barefaced, and just let my skin breathe! :P I don’t care much about eyebags, since in some countries, it’s cool to have ‘em eyebags on your eyes, apparently.

But no, number one – I don’t live in that country where eyebags are a trending must-have; two – I often get breakouts just from the food I eat (maybe I am to blame because I’m anything but a healthy food consumer). So I have to use makeup.. but not always, thankfully.

Remember the age-old saying (I assume it is!) to never ever let your makeup products expire? And the number one rule: Never use expired makeup on your face.

Yeah? Well, as embarrassing as it is to admit.. My oops moment with makeup today is all about it. :lol:

Why I wrote about it? To remind myself of what not to do next time, and so I would be reminded of what happens if I make the same mistake again. Continue reading..

Incubus in Manila IV: Fallen Trust

Incubus Live in Manila 2015

By this time, a lot of articles about the Incubus show in Manila last Friday have already surfaced and most of them giving the show a thumbs up, well-deserved review of it. Awesome stage, awesome setlist, awesome atmosphere. Basically, awesome everything.

Meanwhile, I have been struggling for days since Friday night to come up with a just-as-passionate-and-with-much-gusto kind of post for this show. I expect my excitement and awe from seeing these five guys again would transpire in my words, just like in my thoroughly documented Incubus post in 2011. This particular post I am writing now, in 2015, I had expected to be just as exciting, if not more. But I don’t think this would meet the same fate as last time.

Just the introduction alone in this post doesn’t feel as passionate as I had anticipated from my last post. I wrote several posts all over the internet on the days that lead up to their concert. Everything I wrote, came out naturally at the time. Can you tell I’m clearly stalling here? :P

Maybe I expected too much. I hate to say this, but I think my post/review/writeup.. will stand out, in the worst way possible. And I apologize in advance.  Continue reading..

Centerstage for the 4th time: Incubus in Manila

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where my favorite band of all time, aka THESE GUYS, are coming back to Manila. To add, they’re coming back here for the fourth time! They must love us. :lol: Yup, I am uninformed and unupdated of everything Incubus until they announced they would be going back to the Philippines months ago. I even was not feeling the rush, the hype and excitement as any other fan would as soon as they find out about the announcement – not until today.

It is also interesting to me that their fourth show lands on an interesting date: Friday the 13th. The first time they went here, in 2004, was during Ben’s birthday week. It is also the same for this year, but unfortunately the show lands a day after his birthday. Haha. Fingers crossed this Friday the 13th for this month will be lucky, at the very least. :P  Continue reading..

Apple ‘Springs Forward’ Too Soon for Everyone to Catch Up

Yes this is my very “basic”-looking desk

I just became aware of the new iterations Apple announced last night at their ‘Spring Forward’ keynote event this morning. Talks of new Macbooks and a newer version of the Apple Watch with features that are supposed to be its selling point. I could care less about the latter, it never appealed to me in the beginning. Never have, never will.

Since my Twitter is locked and I didn’t want to flood everyone’s timelines with my already-too-late reactions, I’ll just leave them here.

The new Macbooks, a much thinner model than last time. Plus! It comes in three colors now, too! It sounds like the next must-have accessory for everyone who just wants to get a laptop for the sake of being “in”, like the iPhone crowd. Continue reading..