Random Underrated Find Friday I

Wouldn’t it be weird to say that the inspiration for this kind of blog post series came while I was playing with my dog? Well. 😛 Today’s the first of my so called attempt to try this weekly post series, and I’ve decided to call it RUF Friday!

Should it be “Find Fridays”, or “Finds Friday” is good as it is? I think the former looks grammatically correct, but it sounds wrong when you say it out loud. Lol, is there a grammar nazi in the house? Help! 

Okay you can use either terms because the rule is.. you can have just one or a LOOOT in your post.

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Asus ZenPower 10050 mAh Powerbank First Impressions

Ack, I wandered too far around the internet last Thursday and bought myself another powerbank. Same as last time, the powerbank I bought is part of Lazada’s flash sale series as their way of introducing a new product into the market.

I was not aware that Asus had ventured off into portable charging solutions too until sometime this week. They’re a reputable company, and the price was affordable (it costs 60% less than the other powerbank I bought w/ a similar mAh capacity) so I thought to myself why not get one for myself?

The gist of Thursday’s happening was Lazada had a flash sale for the Asus ZenPower 10050 mAh powerbank from 12nn-onwards, or until the powerbanks were sold out. The powerbank is priced at Php 795 (vs. other powerbanks of the same capacity ranging from Php 900-up). Not sure if that price is introductory or it’s the SRP.

Another flash sale will happen this June 29 at 12nn (Manila time).. so if you weren’t able to pick up one the first time, there’s your chance!

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Media Downloading in this Day and Age

I noticed that as the years go by and technology is becoming more and more streamlined and convenient for everyone to access, heavy downloading is slowly starting to become a thing of the past. Many people probably don’t notice this yet because all they see in stream services that’s readily available nowadays is all good things.

My opinion about this is that I’m still hesitant with entrusting my content on a cloud (regardless of how companies ensure us customers that our data will be 100% safe and secured) or putting my backup online. I would rather very much download, hoard on media, keep it in external storage devices offline than have it online. I’m sure it won’t be forever that I can manage to be online, too. So there’s that.

There’s also the pressing concern w/ external devices that they break and/or become corrupted as the years go by. In my experience it all depends how well you take care of your things. It’s been more than 5 years and they’re still functional and not even once that any of them got infected by a virus, neither have I dropped them. *knock on wood*

If streaming works very well for you and makes your life a whole lot easier, then good for you. I guess I’m just too paranoid about content seeping elsewhere once it’s online and that saying that goes along the lines of “anything you upload online is there forever.” Or I probably watch too much sci-fi TV series, hahaha.

Music and video streaming in this day and age

As soon as Spotify became available here locally, most if not everyone got rid of their local iTunes Library content and switched immediately to streaming their music. I almost did the same thing until I came to a couple of instances where I couldn’t find any songs or albums available for streaming for some particular local artists and even for international musicians.

The way Spotify works, from what I observed is that they’ll definitely have the discography of almost all mainstream artists. The only exceptions would be the few who especially had their music be restricted to being offered to be streamed online for free (I know who you are thinking, haha!). About that.. I don’t really care as I’m not a fan of her. 😛 And there are other ways of getting music for free.

Anyway, after free music streaming comes free TV/movie media streaming. Services like Netflix and hulu are popular for this purpose. Unfortunately that one is not available here yet.. though people have found alternatives or workarounds to making it work in countries where Netflix is restricted.

In the Philippines, recently the online media streaming website iflix has been launched and the people who use it are growing day by day. Personally I haven’t tried it and I’m more hesitant about it. I would most probably only give their service a shot (and this is an if and only if situation) if they have local media content dating back to the early 1950s. Philippine shows and movies. Basically, shows that cannot be found anywhere else online.

At its current state, I assume it has about the same content as Netflix and most of it are probably faster to watch if I just get it elsewhere where HD is an option. Given the slow internet in this country, livestreaming IMO is not an option and I would rather wait for a video finish downloading than stream it live and have it lag and waste time.

Which do you prefer for your music and shows: Downloading or livestream?

My Favorite Things: June 2015

Image: Unsplash

In a niche/brand blog, something like Blog Linkup posts are nice additions because they’re like a quick glimpse to the personal side of the person writing behind the blog. Kinda like a 5 minute get-to-know-me sort of thing. I don’t do them often, but I’m always open to joining random ones.

Anyway! A friend told me about this blog link up hosted by Raisa of Little Town and Eirene of Sleepless Romantics. Seems easy and quick to do, so I’ll give it a shot!

I was invited and introduced to this sometime last week. I was done with the draft and ready to publish.. then Eirene told me they only open submissions for posts of this blog series during the first Tuesday of the month or something. Bummer! Lol. So that makes my post invalid now.. haha. But I will still post this. I’ll just do this for myself for now, and will submit a proper one next month. :) I’ll be linking them at the end of the blog in case you wanna check them out and participate too.

Another reason why I don’t do this weekly linkup post thing is because I don’t feel I’m that busy, hence not having anything relevant or interesting to share to the world. Plus the responsibility is just too much. Haha! I did a couple of Sunday Currentlys in the past but I did not keep up with it after three tries? Yeah. I feel like I am breaking bending the rules for these link ups all the time without actually meaning to, I’m sorry!

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5 Ways How Catfish the TV Show Has Messed With My Head

I usually wouldn’t give shows like this the time of day, but what can I say? I had too much free time last week and unfortunately ran out of shows to watch. Either they are on hiatus, or the usual (for the shows that I really, really liked) it got canceled.

RIP to all the shows that ended too soon.

Right. So Catfish the TV show. The sick, annoying obsession (that I am trying to STOP) started one mundane Monday afternoon. I was browsing online, from one site to another, looking for TV shows to catch up. I tried Sxxxx.. it was okay but eh, I was looking for something else more.. interesting.

“Interesting? You find Catfish interesting?!” Yes I do. I’m a sucker for shows that make people meet for the first time. Buuut not something I would always watch esp if it’s always too romantic and mushy. Meh. I want a show with variety, without it being overdone with drama.  Continue reading..